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NOL Group reports US$478 million loss for 2011
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Turning back to the past we have extreme satisfaction; enriched by thousands of satisfied customers who motivated us to look towards this bright impending future. We focus to quench the need of customers the world over in this Shipping & Transport Industry. A Freight Forwarding Company with a high profile of experience, we have great pleasure to offer more choice to the ever growing Global Freight and Transport Industry. Service being our Motto and satisfaction is all that customers need, we could not keep away from establishing ourselves as a Leading Forwarder in this Global Market. To your perusal, we would like to add a superlative clause to our simple motto ‘Service & Satisfaction’. Enabling customers to effect their Shipments in a timely and cost effective manner
It is not surprising that we, SASCO GLOBAL SHIPPING LLC., introduce our ourselves, to the new Entrepreneurs & Business stalwarts help and advise all our customers on any aspect of their Shipments. The vast experience and the salesmanship of our personnel is always with you to make your cargo needs reliable and Compatible.